More A-Z posts and a quick update

Thank you to all those people who are reading my story.  All the A-Z posts link together and tell a part of the story from a different persons perspective.  The links for the latest parts are here





I have a particular fondness for Gloria.  I loved writing about her.  Is there anyone in my story you particularly like or like to hate?  I would love to hear.

Now I’m off on a trip in Edna very soon and I’m not very sure about my internet connection.  I know I’m one post behind on the A-Z posts at the moment, so I will try to do some extra before I go.  If I lack internet access I will still write the posts in my notebook and give you a glut of them when I come back.  I hope you will bear with me on this one.  I should have thought about going away before I started the challenge really, but I jumped in head first.

We have booked a camp site and the little tent has come.  We have tried putting it up in the garden and I attached the guy ropes.  I also took some pictures.  We will try out the new sleeping bags too.   I’m very excited.  So, lots to report on very shortly and I promise to take plenty of pictures.






A-Z Blog Challenge – D is for Drewe

Drewe sipped his tea and watched the doorway oblivious of the people around him.  He was hoping she would be there this evening.  She was absent last week, though her friend had come and partnered Robin.  There was no sign of either of them.

“Come on we need to find someone to play,” Teddy his partner said.

“Let’s just wait, one moment.  Ah!  They’re here.  Can we play Carol and her partner?”

“Sure, yes, if you want to.  If they want to.”  Teddy looked at Drewe’s flushed cheeks and huge grin.  “You do know she’s married don’t you?  You’re not going to do anything silly are you?”

“Who me?”  Drewe’s already flushed face deepened in colour.  He stared into his lap.  “I…I just like her.  She’s nice.  Good company.”

“Come on then, we better go and speak to them before they start a game with someone else.  Just try not to get your heart broken, lover boy.  We’re all getting a bit long in the tooth for that.”

Drewe followed behind but didn’t say anything.

A-Z Blog Challenge – C is for Carol

Carol plumped the cushions up and arranged them along the back of the sofa.

“Nearly done here Bernard.  Would you like a cup of tea?  I’ve time for a bit of a chat.”

“That would be great Carol.  I think there are some biscuits in the cupboards too.”

“There you go, a nice cup of tea and look what I found, chocolate Hobnobs, my favourite.”

Bernard grinned.  “Well if I can’t buy my little sister her favourite biscuits in return for helping me out then what can I do?  Here, help yourself.”

“Oh it’s nothing Bernard.  I like to help.”  Carol savoured the biscuit.  “Evan likes to have a little moan about me coming over, you know what he’s like.  But I’ve told him, Bernard’s my brother and he’s on his own now.  He needs my help.  We’re family.”

“I appreciate it Carol, I really do.  But what I like most of all Carol is seeing you.  Now how’s everything else?  Do you still go and play Bridge with your friend?”

“Well, I try to go most weeks but sometimes Evan gets a bit funny you know.  He’s very protective.  It’s only because he loves me.”

“Oh Carol, you love playing Bridge.  You know you do.  You’ve always been a bit of a whizz.  And I bet your friend misses you when you don’t go, doesn’t she?”

“Well, yes…”

“Promise me you’ll go.  Promise me!”

“Well, I’ll try Bernard.  I’ll try.  But sometimes I just don’t want to argue.”  Carol got up and moved the cups and the rest of the biscuits into the kitchen.  She washed the cups up and reached for her coat and bag.

Bernard gave her a big hug.  “Take care Carol.  Now, I will see you next week won’t I.  I have a bit of paperwork I need a hand with, something to do with online payments.  I’ll need your help.”

“Of course.  I’ll ring you during the week.  Bye!”

Carol walked briskly home.  Evan would be waiting.


A-Z Blog Challenge – B is for Bernard

Bernard reached down to pick up the home made card from his granddaughter Alice.  It had fallen off the mantelpiece.  He rested it back against the clock and smiled.  The rest of his birthday cards had long gone, but he didn’t have the heart to throw this one away with the picture Alice had drawn of the two of them, complete with big smiles.  There was a big tree behind them and he wondered if it was supposed to be the woods where they liked to go for a walk, though some days it was more of a shuffle for Bernard, to the nearest bench.  Alice was always so patient though.

Bernard made another cup of tea and sat down.  And then he remembered….  It was Carol’s day to come tomorrow, he better get ready.

Bernard glanced around the living room.  It was far too tidy.  He moved the carefully plumped, symmetrical cushions into a heap at one end of the sofa.  He got his newspapers out of the rack and artfully folded them back into various positions placing them around the room.

“Mmmm!  Not too bad.  Now the kitchen.”

Bernard had already washed up after tea and everything had been wiped and put away.  He had always been fairly neat and tidy, even when Betty was alive, and especially towards the end.  It was nice to feel in control of something.

He made another cup of tea and dripped the tea bag over the surfaces and around the sink before sloshing the drink all over the place and then throwing it away.  He got some food out of the cupboard and left it on the side.  He took some clean plates and cutlery and plonked them on the draining board.  He must remember not to wash up the breakfast things in the morning.  Then he stood back to eye up his now dishevelled kitchen.

“Not bad, not bad.”

A-Z Blog Challenge – A is for Alice

Alice stared out of the window as the rain spattered on the pane.  She rested her forehead against the cool glass, brushing her plaits back over her shoulders.  She sighed.

Alice tried hard to ignore the noises from inside.  The sharp bangs and raised voices intruded.  Her finger traced the path of one raindrop coursing downwards.

“No I won’t!” her brother shouted.  His heavy footsteps resonated on the stairs and she waited for the door to bang.  She peered outwards and upwards looking for the sun.

Her parents hushed voices gradually rose from a soothing wash to an irritating buzz.  Alice ground her teeth waiting for what was coming.  The tree outside stood tall and still.

“Alice!  Alice?”  Alice pulled away from the window and whispered “I hope it stops raining soon.”

Looking Back and Looking Forwards


Loch Goil

Loch Goil

Some of the best views I have ever seen were in Lochgoilhead, Scotland this year.  We didn’t camp as there wasn’t a campsite.  We stayed in a holiday cottage.

View from the holiday house.

View from the holiday house.

The place was gorgeous.  Taking a deep breath and staring into the distance continuously, gorgeous.  I spent a lot of time sitting on the porch just looking.

Loch Goil

Loch Goil

The other wonderful thing was that it was so peaceful the sound carried and you could hear the chatter of children in canoes or people in sailing boats calling to each other as they pulled in and moored up.

Loch Goil

Loch Goil

It is a tidal loch so the scene changes as the tide comes in and out and the clouds loom and lighten and the light plays on the water.  Absolutely beautiful.

Loch Goil

Loch Goil

So one of my New Years Resolutions is to look for plenty more gorgeous views that feed the soul.

In terms of writing.  I am a sporadic writer fitting it in between other commitments and this year I haven’t written that much.  I managed 22 000 words during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) whereas last year I managed 50 000 words, but I did get to terms with Scrivener which is useful in a lot of ways.  I started quite a lot of short stories but didn’t complete and edit many of them – my big downfall.  So I would like to try and edit and complete things this year including my two half built (NaNoWriMo) novels.  I’m going to make myself report in and say what I have completed every month both with my writing group and here in my blog.  I won’t bore you to pieces but I work better with deadlines so I’m imposing some on myself.  We’ll see how it works.  I have also learnt this year that I prefer writing longer pieces to short stories. 
Of course, I will also be exploring as many places as possible in my camper van.  Watch this space.  Good luck with your hopes and dreams for the New Year.