Looking for a view

pheasant in garden

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to have a good view.  This cock pheasant flew into our garden this morning and my husband spotted it out of the window whilst he was washing up.  We have a good garden for bird visitors but this one was a little unexpected.  We don’t live on a farm but in a small town in North Shropshire.  Our house backs onto other houses and we have neighbours on both sides, but for some reason this fellow choose to have a mooch in our garden.  It put a smile on our faces.

The other year we had a pea hen visit and as he flitted from roof top to roof top people came out of their houses to look.  Sometimes there are wonderful things waiting to be discovered right in front of us.

By the way, I should apologise as I haven’t worked out how to put the A-Z posts on the other page.  I will figure it out soon I hope so I have my writing separate from the camping/outdoor posts.  Fingers crossed.