About me

My name is Rachel.  I have been camping with my two children for about five years now.  My first tent was replaced by a bigger steel framed tent and now after lots of yearning and hiring one for my 40th birthday I have decided to buy a camper van.  So here’s to all the camping we’ve already done and all the camping yet to come.

I am also a writer and I live on the Wales/England border.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great to find someone else that likes camping. Now the weather is beginning to improve in the UK its time to dust off all our camping gear and get ready for the first break of the season. We try to get away as much as possible and enjoy being out in the fresh air, wandering around. Why is it a simple meal like pasta tastes so much better when cooked outside? Looking forward to reading more about you experiences! 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more, yet there are a lot of people in the UK who just don’t get it. I’m hoping the camper van means we’ll get away more often.

      • Looking out of my window now it looks like it is about to have a downpour but hopefully in a couple of weeks the car will be loaded and away we will go. I don’t even mind being slightly cold in the evenings when camping but at home I soon put the heating on 🙂

      • We’ve already had our first trip in Edna. It wasn’t entirely successful. I hope you’ve had a read. Definitely hoping for some nice weather this Easter. Lots of wrapping up and waterproofs otherwise. I think the fresh air clears your mind.

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