A-Z Blogging Challenge – H is for Hilary

Hilary kissed her husband on the cheek and put her shopping bags down on the floor.

“Have you had a nice day?”

“Yes, alright.”

“You’ll never guess who I saw today?”

“No, tell me and I’ll pop the kettle on.”

“Thanks love!  It was Gloria.”  Hilary sat down and took her shoes off.

“Whirlwind Gloria?  Did you get a word in edgeways?”

“Well I think I managed one or two, but she was telling me about a man from Compton Street with a blonde woman.  Something about an ambulance and them both being found dirty and injured in the bushes in Belham Woods.”


“Mmmm!  You don’t think it’s Uncle Evan do you, Auntie Carol’s husband?”

“No!  Surely not?  There’s lots of men living in Compton Street.  Not Evan.”

“Well, I might ring her tonight and see if she says anything about him being hurt.  If he has, well it must be him.  I’ll tell her what Gloria said anyway.  Maybe there’s a simple explanation.”

“Mmm!  Like what?”

“Err!  Well, I’m not sure, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

Hilary started sorting out the shopping.  “Will you give us a hand with this love?”


“Do you think Zack suspects anything?”

“No, I don’t think so.  He’s too busy being cross with us.”

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  It’ll be a nice surprise.”


5 thoughts on “A-Z Blogging Challenge – H is for Hilary

  1. Indeed, I didn’t think about it before, but I’m hoping people are still interested enough to keep reading and not give up on B. I’ve never linked more than about five or six viewpoints before so this certainly is a challenge. Thanks for reading!

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