A-Z Blogging Challenge – F is for Fiona

Fiona stopped jogging for a moment to stretch her calves out again.  They had been giving her a bit of bother.

She smoothed back her blonde ponytail and started jogging again slowly.  Fiona waved to Bernard, her neighbour from down the road.

“Hello Fiona!  Have you run far?”

“Not really, I’ve just started.  My legs are aching a bit.  I think I pushed it too far yesterday.”

“How far did you go?”

“Eight miles.”


“I’m training for the half marathon.”  Fiona shook her legs out.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” Bernard said.  “I haven’t introduced you.  This is Carol, my little sister and this is Alice my granddaughter.  My two favourite ladies in the world.”

Alice giggled.

“Pleased to meet you,” said Carol.

“Lovely to see you,” said Fiona.  She started jogging on the spot.  “I better go.  See you later.”  Fiona waved.

She didn’t get far before glancing down and realising her shoe lace was undone.  She gave a big sigh and stopped to do them up.

Fiona paused.

There was a strange noise coming from the undergrowth.  She stepped off the path and there near a large bush was a dishevelled looking man with grey hair and a muddy coat lying on the floor groaning.

Fiona moved around to where his head was.  “Hello?  Are you alright?”

“No, of course I’m…. No, I’m sorry.  It’s my leg.  I’m… it hurts.  I heard it snap.”

“Eeurgh!!  Gross!  Shall I ring the ambulance?  I don’t think I’m supposed to move you.”

“Erm, please.  It hurts.”  The man started groaning again.

Fiona reached for her mobile and rang 999.  She stepped back onto the path to get a signal.  She had a quick look but there didn’t seem to be anyone else around.

“Right,” she said, a moment later moving back towards the man.  “The ambulance is on its way.  I should offer to put my coat or something under your head, but I don’t have one.”

Fiona reached down and patted the man’s arm and then straightened up and flexed her feet.  “I’m sorry, what’s your name?”



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