A-Z Blogging Challenge – E is for Evan

Evan sneaked behind a large tree peering out at Carol.  Even to himself this felt a bit dramatic but he had to know.  His stomach screwed itself up in knots every time Carol left the house.

She seemed to be going out more and more nowadays and he didn’t like it.  She was his wife, shouldn’t she be spending all her time with him.  After all he was the one who loved her.  It was a good job he had retired a couple of years ago.  He could keep an eye on her.

Evan peered out from behind the tree.  Carol was in the distance now.  He scurried along a few hundred yards before hiding behind another tree.  Evan ignored the surprised look of a small child eating an ice cream.  His Mum ushered him away quick.

Evan caught a glimpse of someone ahead.  Someone was talking to Carol.  He knew it.  Evan smirked.  He just needed to get a bit closer.

He looked around.  There were no more large trees between here and there but there were lots of ancient rhododendrons which had grown enormous.  Evan rushed ahead to one and nearly thwacked his head on a massive branch.  He didn’t notice the huge clump of bluebells he was standing in or the scowl of the young jogger who passed by.

Evan peered closer.  They were sitting down on a bench.  There were three of them.  One was a child.  The man looked vaguely familiar, but who was that child.  Surely it wasn’t his.  He must be much younger than Carol to have a girl who was that young.

Evan leaned forward eager to get a better look, though they were still some distance away and he could only see the back of them.  They stood up and Evan recoiled.  He caught his head on another branch and stumbled on the uneven ground.  Evan tried to steady himself but failed miserably.  He heard a loud crack as he fell.



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