A-Z Blogging Challenge – D is for Drewe

Drewe sipped his tea and watched the doorway oblivious of the people around him.  He was hoping she would be there this evening.  She was absent last week, though her friend had come and partnered Robin.  There was no sign of either of them.

“Come on we need to find someone to play,” Teddy his partner said.

“Let’s just wait, one moment.  Ah!  They’re here.  Can we play Carol and her partner?”

“Sure, yes, if you want to.  If they want to.”  Teddy looked at Drewe’s flushed cheeks and huge grin.  “You do know she’s married don’t you?  You’re not going to do anything silly are you?”

“Who me?”  Drewe’s already flushed face deepened in colour.  He stared into his lap.  “I…I just like her.  She’s nice.  Good company.”

“Come on then, we better go and speak to them before they start a game with someone else.  Just try not to get your heart broken, lover boy.  We’re all getting a bit long in the tooth for that.”

Drewe followed behind but didn’t say anything.


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