A-Z Blogging Challenge – A is for Alice

Alice stared out of the window as the rain spattered on the pane.  She rested her forehead against the cool glass, brushing her plaits back over her shoulders.  She sighed.

Alice tried hard to ignore the noises from inside.  The sharp bangs and raised voices intruded.  Her finger traced the path of one raindrop coursing downwards.

“No I won’t!” her brother shouted.  His heavy footsteps resonated on the stairs and she waited for the door to bang.  She peered outwards and upwards looking for the sun.

Her parents hushed voices gradually rose from a soothing wash to an irritating buzz.  Alice ground her teeth waiting for what was coming.  The tree outside stood tall and still.

“Alice!  Alice?”  Alice pulled away from the window and whispered “I hope it stops raining soon.”


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