A-Z Blog Challenge – I is for Izzy

Izzy left her group of friends and bounced across towards Zack.

“I saw you with your little sister the other day, Alice isn’t it.  She looks soo cute.”

Zack scowled.

!zzy continued beaming.  “So, are you going?  Did you persuade them?  It’s going to be so cool.”

Zack hung his head down and scuffed his trainers.  “Nah!  I don’t reckon it’s my kind of thing.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Adam and Mindy are coming and of course I’ll be there.  I had hoped we could make up a foursome.  But of course, if you don’t want to…”

Zack looked up for long enough to see Izzy pout and flick her long blonde hair over her shoulder.  “I told you, I ain’t going.”

Izzy frowned.  “Well in that case I’ll have to ask someone else.  I think I heard that Ricky was coming.”

Zak shrugged his shoulders.

Izzy flounced off, but paused long enough to look back and see Zack staring after her.  Izzy smiled again.

“So,”  Mindy said.  “Is he coming?”

“No it seems not.”  Izzy sighed.  “I tried my best.”

Mindy looped her arm through Izzy’s.  “Never mind!  I’m not quite sure what you saw in him anyway.  All that scowling’s not my thing.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”  Izzy looked across to where he had been.

“Anyway,  my Mum’s going to ring yours about going shopping for skiing outfits.  We’ll still have loads of fun.  Now, who else is going?”

“Well, I think Ricky might be going.  Let’s go and talk to him.”



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