A-Z Blog Challenge A to I


The sub title for this blog is a camping and writing blog, but truth be told I haven’t done much writing recently.  I’ve had quite a lot of work on and my spare time has been full of Edna and planning and organising trips and things.  However, I thought I would remedy that by having a go at the April A-Z Blog Challenge.  All the information for this and all the other participants are listed here http://www.a-zchallenge.com/   I have posted this on a separate page so if anyone wants to stick to looking at Edna’s adventures they can.  I’m going to be writing some short fiction pieces which hopefully will link together in a tenuous fashion.  This is my first time attempting something like this so hopefully it will work.  Fingers crossed.  See you tomorrow.

If you hover over the A-Z Challenge title on the tool bar under my banner all of the posts should appear.  Alternatively I have put links to them below.  Unfortunately I have had to copy the original posts so the original comments are still under the home page.

A is for Alice   https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-a-is-for-alice/

B is for Bernard  https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-b-is-for-bernard/

C is for Carol   https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-c-is-for-carol/

D is for Drewe   https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-d-is-for-drewe/

E is for Evan  https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-e-is-for-evan/

F is for Fiona   https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-f-is-for-fiona/

G is for Gloria  https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-g-is-for-gloria/

H is for Hilary  https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blogging-challenge-h-is-for-hilary/

I is for Izzy   https://lookingforaview.wordpress.com/a-z-blog-challenge/a-z-blog-challenge-i-is-for-izzy/


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