A-Z Blogging Challenge – K is for Katie

“Let’s do the slide again,” Katie called to Alice.  They whizzed down and then ran to the climbing frame.  Their Mum’s sat on a bench catching up with one another.

“Let’s go to the sandpit now,” Alice said.

Katie followed her to the digger.  They took it in turns on the digger whilst the other one used their hands to move the sand.

“Is your brother coming?” Katie asked.


“My sister always asks me about Zack.  Loads and loads of questions.”



“Do you think she likes him?”

Katie shrugged.  “Dunno!”

“If they got married we could be sisters.”

They both looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s make this hole really, really, really big.”


They abandoned the digger and knelt side by side in the sunshine shovelling sand with their hands as fast as they could.

A few minutes later they sat back on their heels.

“Phew!”  Katie said.  “That’s a really big hole.”

“Yep!  A big one.”

Katie stared at the hole.  “My Dad and I built a massive hole at the seaside once.”


“I bet my Dad could build a bigger hole than your Dad.”

Alice’s gaze drifted across the playground.  “I’ll race you to the slide.”

Katie chased after her as fast as she could.


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