Near Tenby, Pembrokeshire 2

The next day we went into Tenby.  We went past a car park with a large hand written sign saying no camper vans and found a much bigger one much which was closer to the beach.

South Beach TenbyThe beach was absolutely lovely and so was the weather.  We peeled ourselves away from the beach reluctantly to go and look around the town.  When we got there we saw lots of interesting little shops though unfortunately a lot of them were closing.  We then wandered around towards the harbour and found some more beaches.

Tenby3 Tenby4 Tenby5We left thinking there was a whole lot more to explore in Tenby and thinking we would come back tomorrow.

When we got back to the camp site the wind and rain picked up and I tried to pick up the weather app on my phone.  The bad signal meant I got it after quite a lot of refreshing and it informed me of winds at 35kph which would get worse until about 1 in the morning at which point they would be 47kph if I remember rightly.  I sat there listening to the wind and rain and of course I needed the toilet at about 12 o’clock.  I had woken my son up so then we  sat talking and decided to have a midnight feast.  My daughter was amazed that I was waking her up for a midnight feast, but I was excited that I would be in bad weather and the tent wouldn’t blow off.

I did wonder how the roof would manage with the wind as it got worse and the van rocked a bit.  In the end I pulled the roof down for about an hour.  I stuck it back up again once the wind died back a bit but I really didn’t need to.  I did wonder whether I should have moved Edna round a specific way but the wind seemed to be coming mostly from the side.  I was really pleased with how she coped and though I didn’t sleep well that night I now know I’ll sleep better next time.  Does that make sense?  I was the same with the tent.  Once you’ve been through a bit of bad weather you know what it’ll take.

How have the more experienced campers of you coped with the wind?

The next day looked cold, wet, windy and miserable so we headed home, glad that we’d got a couple of decent day’s weather.  Saturday was indeed full of the predicted bad weather though they seemed to have got Thursday and Friday wrong.  We will certainly be back to visit Tenby again though and we have got into a real routine with Edna.



5 thoughts on “Near Tenby, Pembrokeshire 2

  1. One of the great pastimes of UK camping is talking about the weather. Recently met an English couple in Czech Republic, and what did we talk about? The abundance of local history? The great food and beer? No. We talked about the weather of course.
    I’ve never heard of a Pop-Top being damaged by the wind, but I see nothing wrong with spending a few minutes in the middle of the night lowering the top for peace of mind and a decent sleep. Have done it a few times myself

    • The whole vehicle was wobbling a bit. I feel a lot better now I’ve been through some bad weather and I can see how well she copes. I’m glad I’m not alone in pulling it down. When I went up into the roof it seemed a lot better than when I was downstairs.

  2. I’ve never quite worked out if there is a ‘good’ way to position your van in high winds. Of course the wind also has a habit if changing direction. We once took a Bay with a side-opening roof to Islay and I realised once the roof started closing on top of me that I should perhaps sleep downstairs. But that’s the only time I’ve had any difficulty in high winds – van roofs seem to be able to withstand quite a bit.

    Haven’t been to Tenby but will need to pay a visit.

    • Tenby’s definitely worth a look if you’re ever that way. I’ll be a little more confident next time it’s windy. It’s definitely reassuring to hear that most of the time people don’t have any problems. People used to say that in a tent, pitch with the door away from the wind but invariably the wind changes direction. I’m hoping I’ll find a few different places to return to. That’s what I love about the camper van, every outing is an adventure.

  3. We took our van to Pembrokeshire a few years ago. I’m hoping to go back again this autumn.

    Not had trouble with the wind (so far) but ours is a panel van, so not particularly vulnerable.

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