The next county in Wales we decided to go to was Pembrokeshire.  We have been to the top part a couple of times before and visited St Davids.  Last year we stayed in the Camping and Caravanning Club Site near there.  We visited the cathedral in Britain’s smallest city.

St David's cathedralIt looks like another bench with a view there.  I seem to like those.  It was a bit of a murky day as you can see.

The Caravanning and Camping Club Site is a little way out from St Davids.  We visited a very popular beach which we had to queue to park in and then when we got there they were three deep on the beach.  Everyone had little pop up shelters, windbreaks, wetsuits and lots of gear.  It was like a little camping village on the beach.  As we were camping we had micro fibre towels,  a bottle of water, a packed lunch and one bucket and spade to share.  We felt like we had to lie down like a starfish and spread out in order to preserve our space.  It was a very nice beach, but very busy.  I can’t remember the name of it.

The next day we decided to walk to a quieter beach nearby.

Beach near St DavidsIt didn’t have the sparkling yellow sands of the previous day.  It was a little more grey but it was a lot more peaceful with a mix of rock and sand.  We watched the sun set and walked home.  The only problem was the amount of slugs we encountered on the walk back.  Yeuch!  Whilst we were at the campsite I met a man with a camper van and two boys.  They had driven down to the beach and eaten their breakfast there and I remember thinking I would like to do that.  So that’s something else on my wish list of things to do.  Breakfast next to a beach.


We decided we would like to go to the South of Pembrokeshire this time to an area we hadn’t been to.  I had heard a lot about Tenby so I had a look for campsites near there.  They seemed to fall into two camps, all singing and dancing campsites often with a lot of statics and club houses or more basic sites.  So this time in contrast to Fforest Fields we chose a Certificated Site which is owned by the Camping and Caravanning Club but only allows five caravans and a small number of tents.  We went for a site with a good location over facilities this time and the site claimed it was walking distance to the beach, but it had portaloos and an outside washing up sink.  It had very good reviews.

It’s at this point when you’re travelling there that you remember how far away Pembrokeshire is and therefore why it’s nice and quiet compared to some other parts of the UK.  It is probably the County in Wales the furthest away from England.  I say probably it obviously depends where you’re coming from and where you’re going to.  We arrived a bit later than anticipated and heart in the mouth turned the corner hoping for a good spot.

Now, I’m afraid I’m going to be a tease and keep you in suspense until tomorrow.  Was it a good site?  I’ll let you know.


8 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire

  1. Still enjoying your travels. How are you getting on with the van, do you have a set routine for driving and camping modes yet?
    We are also members of the Camping and Caravan Club and use their sites a great deal when tramping the UK. We prefer their Certified Location sites but finding one with both toilets and showers can be a bit difficult sometimes.
    Look forward to finding out if it was a good site 🙂
    Nancy & John

    • We seem to have 3 sorts of modes, driving, day and night. We have tried out a few things to make it more comfortable and quicker to convert. Trying to organise the bedding a bit more too.

  2. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know Wales but one of my daughters visited Tenby and said that it was a beautiful place. It will be fun to have breakfast by the beach. How is Edna? have you sorted out all the hiccups now? Everything will take on a different complexion come the summer 😀

  3. For breakfast on the beach, try Oxwich Bay on the Gower Peninsular. Get there early for a spot next to the beach (well, you are going for breakfast, aren’t you?). There is a height restriction, but you can just drive around it 🙂

    • Thank you, that sounds brilliant. Have you any other Wales recommendations for breakfast on the beach? I definitely need to do it. You see parking in a different light with a camper van.

      • There’s a wild camp spot near Fishguard we’ve used before, 52.021417, -4.909028 in Googly maps. Parking right next to the beach is disabled though, so you’ll need to carry your bowl of cereal down to the beach!

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