More A-Z posts and a quick update

Thank you to all those people who are reading my story.  All the A-Z posts link together and tell a part of the story from a different persons perspective.  The links for the latest parts are here





I have a particular fondness for Gloria.  I loved writing about her.  Is there anyone in my story you particularly like or like to hate?  I would love to hear.

Now I’m off on a trip in Edna very soon and I’m not very sure about my internet connection.  I know I’m one post behind on the A-Z posts at the moment, so I will try to do some extra before I go.  If I lack internet access I will still write the posts in my notebook and give you a glut of them when I come back.  I hope you will bear with me on this one.  I should have thought about going away before I started the challenge really, but I jumped in head first.

We have booked a camp site and the little tent has come.  We have tried putting it up in the garden and I attached the guy ropes.  I also took some pictures.  We will try out the new sleeping bags too.   I’m very excited.  So, lots to report on very shortly and I promise to take plenty of pictures.






5 thoughts on “More A-Z posts and a quick update

  1. Hi there. I found your blog through the A to Z Challenge list and actually posted a comment on your About Me page but it seems to have disappeared.
    I’m another camping blogger – or blogging camper?! – and travel alone with my two little dogs, tent, camera and big mpv which turns nicely into a campervan-with-awning when needed. I’m really looking forward to reading more about your camping travels and experiences.

    • Hello Tigermouse, or do you prefer Eunice? I got your comment. I think it came through on the contact me form. Thank you very much for popping by. I have popped by and looked at your blog a few times before I started this. I’ve also seen some of your recommendations on ukcampsite. I might be asking you for some North Wales recommendations as I think you have a bit of experience in that field. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Either name will do – Tigermouse actually comes from my two favourite cats, Tiger and Mouse, though a few people on UKCS have shortened it to Tigs, which I don’t mind and actually quite like. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, I saw your comment and posted a reply.

        I love North Wales and Anglesey in particular is like a second home to me – I never get tired of it no matter how many times I camp there. For the Easter weekend though I’m going to Station Camp Site at Carrog, about 8 miles from Llangollen – a nice little site and just in the right area for the places I want to go to and photograph

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