Sleeping Bags and the Roof

First of all thanks to the new people who are following me (waves).  And thanks to those who have wished me well.

We got back on the Monday from Edna’s little adventure and the sleeping bags had arrived.  I also ordered a new folding chair and a folding stool with a top so it can be used as a little table.  I’ll let you know if the chair and stool are any good in the future when the weather is good enough to sit out and use them.  The sleeping bags look good.  My son’s looks very warm and cosy it’s a four season mummy shaped one.  I got envelope ones for my daughter and myself and when they arrived I realised they were two versions of the same sleeping bag, one green and one blue except one is the extra large version.  I got that one thinking of myself, as I’m quite tall and some sleeping bags won’t allow me to stretch out fully and still have the sleeping bag up around my ears.  My daughter would have rather had pink or purple but unfortunately they didn’t do them in those colours.  When we actually saw them in the flesh I went immediately for the green one with a tartan inside and a cotton flannelette feeling to it and my daughter preferred the blue with the geometric pattern inside and a slightly more crinkly noisy feel to it.  Guess what?  She’s got the longer one.  We’ll see how we go that way round, maybe we’ll swap in the future.

We definitely chose the right weekend to go.  According to my probably not very accurate weather on my phone we had night temperatures of about 7 degrees when we were away, but it’s been around 1 and 0 since then around here, with a couple of 2 and 3s.  The good news is more camp sites open up towards the end of March and April, but I’m sure that will mean it’ll get busier.  I need to plan busier places for quieter times and head for smaller sites during busy times.

I took the camper van back to where we got her from on the Friday.  I explained about the roof and was really relieved that the problem wasn’t me.  There was a problem with the catch so they replaced it completely.  It works even easier than before now.  They were very quick to remedy the problem and it’s reassuring to know that they would always deal with problems efficiently.  I definitely feel safe in their hands.  Apparently, it’s very unusual to have a problem with the roof like that.  I kind of guessed I might be unusual.

So, Edna is raring to go.  I had a lot of washing to do and I’ve stored some of the lighter sleeping bags for Summer.  Oh, and of course the other big news is that my Dad and his wife have just bought a big motor home and are planning on visiting France and maybe Italy next week.  I think how long they’ll go for will depend on how they find it.  This is a first for them.  My Dad used to camp in France with us as children in a big orange and brown canvas tent, but he’s never had a camper van or motor home.  It’s gold and pretty big and it’s called Les ( Les Cargot).  A very clever name.

I haven’t forgotten the Lake Vyrnwy photos.  I’ll post them soon.


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