Edna’s First Camping Trip

So did we get away in Edna?  We certainly did.  We arrived back from work and school to find yet more problems with the delivery of sleeping bags, so we packed up all of the old ones plus lots of extra blankets and put these and our bags in the car.  I switched the fridge on and transferred the food which was in a carrier bag in our fridge at home.  I also put some ice packs in to help the fridge come down to a cool temperature quicker which seemed to have done the trick.  Then we were waving good bye to my husband who unfortunately was working and we were off.

We had hoped to get there before it was dark but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  We arrived about 6:30pm having seen all the traffic going in the opposite direction.  Maybe they were all going to Wales.  So we found the place okay and pulled in.  They offered us a choice of pitch and we popped the roof and turned the front seat into what we have nicknamed day mode.  This includes putting the table out.  So I  made some food as the children were quick to tell me how hungry they were and we marvelled at the fact that we were actually camping in our own camper van.  Hooray!!

Edna Delamere Forest 0314

After the washing up we decided to move Edna into night time mode before playing a game of Go Fish (a card game).  I’m glad we did this earlier rather than later because it is the part we have had the least practise with and it probably took the longest.  We had to lift the back seat and reach underneath for all the bedding.  Most of it goes in a big under the bed bag and the two biggest sleeping bags are separate.  Then the seat pulls out into a bed after the head rests are taken off and we had to sort out bedding. I put sheets over both the roof and downstairs beds and then tried to work out a good combination of layers for both the children.  My son was in the roof which was a little cooler, so he had his sleeping bag liner, a mummy shaped summer sleeping bag and a larger rectangular one which was his Dad’s and pretty warm.  He also took another sleeping bag up the top to open up as a large cover over the top and a blanket.  Well, I might have overdone it a bit, but I was just a bit worried he might get cold.  My daughter had a cotton sleeping bag liner, a fleece sleeping bag liner and a sleeping bag, with extra blankets on stand by.  I just had my old sleeping bag and a cotton liner.

Anyway by the time we sorted all this out and got our pyjamas on it was getting late and the little one was flagging so I ruled out Go Fish and suggested bed instead.  My daughter slept really soundly all night waking up once to go to the toilet which she did all on her own, keen to show she knew the code to get into the toilet.  She’s very good with remembering numbers and things.  My son was a little more restless and it was a bit like being in bunk beds and listening to the person in the top.  It probably didn’t help that I kept calling out, “Are you alright?  Are you warm enough?”  I put the heating on before we went to bed and again when people went to the toilet for about 20 minutes each time as the cold air does whoosh in a bit when the side door opens.  It was chilly downstairs but I was fine.  My son needed a few more layers but he was fine too, despite me haranguing him to put even more on all the time.

Morning came and we had a good look at the campsite and decided on square sausages (squasages) in rolls for breakfast.  All had gone well so far, but Saturday didn’t all go according to plan.  I’ll post the next episode in the next day or two.

The edge of the forest next to the campsite

The edge of the forest next to the campsite


4 thoughts on “Edna’s First Camping Trip

  1. Day One sounds like a great success but I’m now all agog and wondering what happened the next day?! I hope it wasn’t anything too awful. I constantly have to tell my son to put more clothes on, maybe it’s a boy thing? and my kids loved playing Go Fish too! Happy times eh 😀

    • Day 1 was definitely better than day 2. Don’t worry I won’t leave you waiting too long.

      It’s like when children go to Secondary School and decide they don’t want to wear a coat any more. I think I was being over precautious though. I think you always worry about new things but then they become second nature.

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