Booking a Campsite

Well my plans have gone a bit to pot at the moment.  My son had earache so we couldn’t go away last weekend, so I had planned on going away this weekend.  I found a site in Wrexham, the nearest county to us.  It took a while to find one that was literally not on our door step and we found one.  It was a Caravan Club site so I looked at the details and debated on whether or not to join and decided I would as there seems more Welsh sites than the Caravan and Camping Club.  Then I looked on the availability checker and saw it was booked up for the next three weekends with no spaces.  I would possibly expect that in August, but at the beginning of March.  All those caravanners must book early.  Well, I’m not joining if I can’t book a site.  It put me off a bit.  Sometimes you just want to go away on the hoof and I don’t want to book everything miles in advance.  Back to the drawing board.  I’ll have to look for another site.

On the plus side, it’s great the weather’s made a turn for the better.  We took my mum-in-law to Chasewater near Burntwood/Brownhills last weekend and we managed to go to Lake Vyrnwy the other day.   I’ve got loads of photos to sort through from Lake Vyrnwy which I’ll post soon.  Meanwhile I need to find a good campsite not too far away ready for this weekend which isn’t booked up.


2 thoughts on “Booking a Campsite

  1. I hope you find a good campsite soon. I had no idea that you had to book so far in advance. It makes spontaneous camping weekends out of the question I guess. Have fun wherever you end up, are you going in your new camper?

    • This only seems to be Caravan Club Sites from what I can tell. Some sites aren’t open yet as they open at Easter over here. I have booked one in Cheshire near the woods for this weekend though. I’ll report back soon.

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