Horseshoe Pass

Horseshoe Pass

Horseshoe Pass

After a few more days of watching the weather on Sunday we ventured out in Edna again.  Unfortunately everyone else seemed to have the same idea.  We headed for Ty Mawr country park but the car park was full and overflowing and people were parking in the street outside.  The lower car park was closed.

So then I went for Plan B and headed for the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct which is near a place called Trevor.  The car park my side of the aqueduct  was full, so I went round and into Trevor but the main car park there was also full.

So, Plan C.  Well, I didn’t have a Plan C but the children were watching me expectantly so I drove towards Llangollen and headed for the Horseshoe Pass.  We pulled in before the cafe at the top and climbed the big hill.


From the bottom it didn’t look like much.  We walked up to the rock at the top, but it was pretty steep after a couple of months of wet, miserable weather and not many good walks.  The rock at the top didn’t seem to get much closer for a bit, but then we made it.  I was lagging behind the children who seemed to be taking it in turns to run up the hill.


I’m determined to come back in a couple of months and bounce up the hill with them.  It’s obvious we need to get out more.

So then we made drinks in Edna.  Tomato soup for my son, hot chocolate for my daughter and coffee for me along with one of those chocolate gingers from last time.  Yeah!  I remembered the water.

I was going to pop Edna’s roof up but I couldn’t do it.  I’ve since been back to Rolling Homes and he’s taken me through it step by step as I wasn’t doing it right.  A bit of a relief that it was me rather than the van.  Now let’s keep our fingers crossed for more nice weather.


2 thoughts on “Horseshoe Pass

  1. Hi

    Glad you managed to get out in this weather. I think you’re very brave, not sure I would be able to drive (or more importantly park) a van, especially in busy car parks. You’ve got some brilliant pics on your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.


    • Thanks Linda! She’s a VW van so she’s not much bigger than a large car. She fits into normal parking spaces. The thing that takes a bit of getting used to is only having wing mirrors and not the interior mirror. I can’t check the kids in the back with it either.

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