Tree Roots

So we picked Edna up on Friday and stared through the window on Saturday at the absolutely torrential rain.  The plan had been to drive the hours trip to my husband’s Mum’s to show her Edna with the children and possibly take her out in it.  That had rapidly diminished to just getting there and back but by the time my husband finished work at lunch time we had decided it was too horrible to even venture out. 

Then Sunday loomed and showed a bit of promise so we hurriedly decided that was it, we would venture out, even if it was for only a couple of hours.  So we searched for our wellies, my stripey pair from last year, my son’s new pair as his feet had grown yet again and my daughter was sent to find her last pair in the garage.  She tried one on, I checked the size, a 2 and checked that it still fitted her.  She said it was fine, whilst balancing on one foot and holding her shoe in the air and we wiped off a bit of the mud still left on them from last time and popped them all in carrier bags under the front bench seat.

I haven’t turned the fridge on yet as I was told it might take a bit of power to get to temperature and there doesn’t seem much point in turning it on to sit on the drive so I will drink Jasmine tea or black coffee and my daughter drinks hot chocolate or herbal tea without milk.  My son likes his tea with milk so I stopped at the petrol station, picked up some diesel and some tomato cup-a-soups which he loves.  I was also a bit naughty and as it was a sort of celebration, our first outing, I bought some Borders chocolate covered stem ginger cookies.  Mmm!!!

So we went to Colemere which is very close to us, but along a single track part of the way, so I did worry a little about pulling over to let someone pass and getting stuck in the mud or the hedge, or maybe both.  Anyway, we got there fine and parked up in between a van and a different make camper and pulled out the wellies.  I looked down at my daughter and said, “You’ve got that on the wrong foot love.”  Then I took a closer look and found that she had two left welly boots.  One was the size 2 she had tried on at home and the other one was a size 12 which she couldn’t even fit on her foot properly.  After a few trying on Cinderella’s slipper moments where we tucked and pulled, we decided she would have to go in her walking shoes which are fairly old, though not waterproof. 

Colemere has a path most of the way round so it isn’t too bad but there’s  one part which is.  After a bit of walking tentatively through the sludge trying to find the bit least likely to sink we realised we had two choices the even worse bit which led onto a wooden walkway or going around the other way all the way to the trees at about 1 mile an hour.  So I picked my daughter up and carried her as fast as I could to the walkway in a baby carry with her feet sticking out. 

After that excitement, we carried on slowly but surely on our circular route.  We talked about popping up the roof and making a hot drink and eating our biscuits after the walk.  Then I suddenly realised that I hadn’t put any water in the container, though the converter people might have done if I was lucky. 

My daughter said, “oh no.”

My son said, “don’t be so pessimistic, it’ll be fine.”

So we continued on our walk.  It was lovely to be outside and some geese posed nicely for us just over halfway round.

Posing geese

We also saw some snowdrops, the first ones I’ve spotted this year.  A little bit of hope amongst the bad weather,

SnowdropsThe rain pattered down for a short while but we sheltered under the canopy of the trees alongside the shore and watched the rain pattering onto the water.  The children had a good search for the ideal stick and then we went past the boathouse back to the car park. 

I checked for water in the on board water container and it was empty.  My son asked if we had any other water and of course we didn’t, no soft drinks or bottles of water at all.  So we decided to open some biscuits, but we left the chocolate gingers for when we remember the water and opened the Toffypops instead which the children enjoyed.  Then we sat there wishing we weren’t so thirsty from the bacon we’d had for breakfast.  We turned the front bench seat round though, but didn’t pop the top.  Then the wellies went away and we drove home.  Our first outing.  Not a full trip but a start and hopefully as the weather improves the view will improve too.



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