It’s real – honest!

Wahoo! I’ve just picked up Edna. I’m so excited. Do you ever have those moments when something seems too good to be true and you think maybe something will go wrong?  Well, it didn’t and Edna is on our drive. We had to pick up a gas bottle and I picked up a turquoise blanket/throw at the same time to put across the back seat. I’m hoping it will be multi-purpose and protect the seat from food a bit as well as being useful in the evening.

What happens next depends a lot on the weather. My heart goes out to all those folks in wind and rain battered areas. Let’s hope for some dry weather soon.


2 thoughts on “It’s real – honest!

    • Thanks Sally. I think everyone needs some respite from this weather it’s pretty gruesome. The electric was off for 20 minutes last night but that’s a lot better than some poor folks.

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