So, Edna is the name of the new camper van.  She is currently being serviced, diesel heating fitted and the water container moved to the back of the vehicle with a couple of extra shelves being put under the sink.

She has a pull out rock and roll bed and a double bench seat which turns around so she can seat five for travelling and four around a table to eat.  The roof can fit two adults when it pops up unlike a lot of other beds we saw which were only really for children.  The diesel heating sounds great too as it is attached outside the vehicle and piped in so it’s not too noisy and there’s no need for an electric hook up in order to get some heat.

The gentleman who did the conversion ( it’s a new conversion on an old vehicle) used to be a kitchen cabinet maker so all of the cupboards inside the vehicle are made of real wood which is lovely.

We also have the option later on to return and add things on or change things of course.  My husband would like different seat fabric and we have suckered on blinds at the moment rather than curtains, but there is so much money you could spend on these things and only so much money in the pot so we’ll live with it for a bit and see what we need and what we can live with.

We should be picking her up on Wednesday, fingers crossed.  It’s half term the week beginning the 17th so we’re hoping for some halfway decent weather.  Yesterday there were winds of up to 60 miles an hour with lashing rain/sleet here.  We went to the library and the new sweet shop and it was pretty bitter weather.

The children have seen Edna and have given their seal of approval.  They agree with the name too.  She will probably be Ed or Eddie for short, but I hope she then doesn’t get confused between whether she’s a boy or a girl.

We’re hoping for a big tour of Scotland in the summer, depending on my husband’s holiday and how much time he can get off.  Hopefully if she’s ready by next weekend we can try going for a walk and coming back to a cup of tea or some hot chocolate and testing how warm the heater is.


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