Which Camper Van? Part 2

So, a second try at the pictures


This is the rotating passenger seat for two which I think is very useful as it means you can have two passengers in the front and then turn it around to seat four around the table.  Brilliant idea.  It also means your van seats five people for travelling.


A pop up roof.

  • Good for getting under car park barriers.
  • Good ventilation in the Summer.
  • Large adult double bed
  • Does it hold in the heat well enough????


A high top van

  • Keeps the heat in efficiently.
  • Can’t be used in car parks with height restrictions
  • The bed in the roof is only supposed to be a child’s bed with a weight restriction on it.
  • Supposed to be cheaper on ferries etc? (Not actually sure if this is true or if it matters much as I’m not close to the coast.)
  • It’s also a long wheel base so it’s a bit bigger (car park spaces again might be a bit more of a problem).

high top van with opening window

Another high top.  I loved the opening window in the top on this one.  The other one has a fixed window which doesn’t open.

Another look with my husband awaits.


2 thoughts on “Which Camper Van? Part 2

  1. I’d be cautious about the vans with height restrictions. Never had a camper van but was once out with bikes on the car roof. Forgot they were there and whizzed into a car park with a restrictive height barrier …. crash bang wallop – they were on the floor and the car roof was scratched. It’s so easily done!

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