Which camper van?

So, I have been looking at camper vans and I’m very excited. I ran part of the way to school to pick up the little one, well I was a bit late too. I have sort of narrowed it down to 4 options. There are three camper vans for sale at different places which could fit our budget and needs and there is still the option to have a second hand van fitted out new, but I’m leaning away from that because of the wait and the fact that there are two very nice options recently converted. The third one is only hanging on by a thread.

I need to think things over and absorb everything and then I’m going to look at them again with my husband and once I’ve narrowed it down again I will take the children to look too (they have seen two of the short list the other week).

The main difference is that I had sort of decided that I wanted a high top because of the heat leaking out and the head height but I have been seduced by a very good pop up top which is reinforced and has a bed that can be used for two adults. Most roof beds seem to be just for children but as my teenage son is growing very fast whatever gives him the most space seems to be a good option. That van also has the option of a good heating system which can be used without hook up and is outside the van and piped in so it’s not really noisy. It also has a double bench seat  next to the driver’s seat that turns around. How cool?

Now at this point I was going to post a picture of the seat and some pictures of the various roofs but for some reason the pictures won’t load.  I have tried loading them one by one instead of all four at once but it still didn’t work.  I have managed to post pictures  before so I’m not sure what’s wrong.  Maybe it’s my internet.  I shall try again tomorrow.  I have taken pictures of the three vans I’ve narrowed it down to so I could show the rest of the family and remember what they were like as well as showing you of course.  Oh well, my intentions were good.

Does anyone else have any experience of pop up tops versus fixed roofs?  I suppose the main bonuses of pop up tops is that they drive as a car, don’t have to worry about height barriers and are a bit like a transformer changing from vehicle to house.  The fixed high roofs are obviously trickier for height barriers and they charge you more for ferries apparently?  But surely they must keep the heat in better?  The gentleman selling the pop top van showed me some pictures someone had just sent him of one of his vans in the snow.  Apparently they took it to the Alps.  I do like his heating system which seems effective but not noisy and the workmanship is top notch.  Can you see which way I’m leaning?  Right I better sleep on things and let the whizzing around in my head settle down a bit.


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