Trip Planning

So, the holiday period is over, Christmas and New Year are gone.  The children have gone back to school and along with Cadbury’s Creme Egg adverts starting on the television.  (Well they don’t want us to forget Easter do they?)  The adverts for holidays have also begun.  Every magazine I open is full of leaflets and adverts.  My inbox is busy reminding me of all the wonderful places I could visit.   Then there are the TV adverts.  The horrible weather at the moment makes you want to dream about better weather.  So now’s the time to plan your adventures.  Where are you going to explore this year?  Where would you like to go?  Can you afford that or are you going for the cheaper option?

I’m obviously hoping to get my camper van soon.  I got very excited in the holidays and went to have a look around some of the converters, but sensibly they were all closed.  Then comes the planning.  Last year we visited England, Wales and Scotland and I would like to do the same this year.  I would also like to visit France, but I might run out of holidays.  I’m hoping with the camper van we can squeeze in a few more weekends.

So, do you enjoy the planning, trawling brochures, maps and websites?  Or would you rather someone else did the planning and you just packed a bag the night before?

I like a good map and a guide book.  I also like looking for campsites and places to visit.  There are so many interesting places that you never even knew were there, so this year I’m looking for the interesting places which are close to home as well as those further away.


3 thoughts on “Trip Planning

  1. I tend to leave the maps and route planning to my husband and his GPS. Last year we walked the Cleveland Way (which is well signposted so not too much map reading needed) and this year we’re planning on doing part of the Welsh coast.
    But if we take a city break I’m the one more likely to research the attractions & things to do.

  2. I’m planning to walk the Camino with my son this year. I’m currently very unfit and a bit porky so desperately trying to get in shape for the pilgrimage to Santiago del Compostella. Good luck with your plans and I look forward to hearing about where you are planning to go next.

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