My New Book

Well, I know it’s just before Christmas but I succumbed and bought a new book.  Image

It arrived in the post today.  I got quite excited as I don’t buy many real books any more.  I love my Kindle and I love reading fiction on it, but for non-fiction I do prefer a real book so I can turn back and forth and read it in the order I want.  The other drawback to a Kindle is that no-one can buy you a book, only vouchers.  They still need to buy you a real book.  Are there any books on your Christmas list?

The plus points of a Kindle for me are storage and a reader friendly screen with a more subdued light than a bedside lamp.  I only have a light in the cover, not a Paperwhite.   It’s still far less intrusive.   It’s great in a tent when everyone else is trying to go to sleep and there’s no running out of things to read because you couldn’t fit them in your bag.  How about you, Kindle or books?


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