I’m going to get a Camper Van

Well, I’ve been looking and looking and looking for a while now, but I am definitely going to buy a camper van.  I am so excited.  My daughter asked me yesterday if I could please not mention it quite as much.  I keep looking at cushions in the shops, but of course I can’t get anything until I get the van.  I am going to start looking after Christmas. 

We have made a few decisions already.  We are getting one of the newer T5 VWs.  We haven’t got enough drive space for anything much bigger, well we haven’t got enough at all, we’ve got a one car drive and currently one car which will have to go on the road.  It will be for me and the children most of the time as my husband works weekends but if we combine it with a tent we will use it for all four of us on longer trips.  I have been very nosy looking in camper vans and motor homes, asking questions and reading lots for the past year or so.   I also hired a camper van out for the weekend.   Hiring one definitely made me realise what we don’t want.  I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing this.  When you live with something for a while you can see what works and what doesn’t. 

The camper van we hired had a pop up top which was good, but at night you could feel the warmth disappearing out of the top.  We went in April and it was colder than I expected at night.  I also spent a lot of time worrying that if it rained at night and my son rolled over and touched it, it might come through and get wet on the inside. One of the reasons for getting the camper van is so that we can go when it’s too cold for a tent and if it’s still cold because of the roof then it won’t work.

The other big concern was the rock ‘n roll bed which was too high for me to sit on without moving my head to the side when the roof was down or the roof bed.  It was also too low to sit up in bed in the morning without cricking my neck. 

So, I’m after a lower back seat and I’m going for a fixed high top roof with a bed in.  The only problem with this is parking restrictions.  I won’t be able to go through car parks with barriers or multi- storeys.  I’m not worried about the multi-storeys I hate them.  They always have a pillar in the wrong place and weird one way systems that one person gets lost in. 

The other thing I experimented with was whether by some miracle they could both sleep up the top together, but it didn’t work.  One of mine is a night owl and is busy reading and chatting at night and the other one is a Tigger in the morning raring to go whilst the other is half asleep.   

The best thing about them is that you can make a hot drink whenever you want too.  I am going to stop at odd places now just to make a cup of tea or coffee.  It’s the one thing that annoys me when we camp in a tent.  If it rains it’s tricky too cook.  I won’t cook in a tent for fear of carbon monoxide poisoning and trying to make a cooking shelter is quite tricky, especially for just a couple of nights.  If the weather is bad we usually eat out somewhere when we’re camping, but it’s that first cup of coffee in the morning I miss the most.  You know the one that gets you out of bed and my children will tell you stops me from being a grump. 

So, I hope to share with you the ins and outs of buying one and some of my adventures along the way, looking for the perfect view.


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