First tent

I have been looking for some photos of my first camp or at least my first tent, but I have been struggling to find any.  I won’t give up yet but here’s a link to some pictures and reviews of the tent I had.  It was an Easycamp San Remo 400.  It was only available for a short while then they improved and upgraded it.

Most of the reviewers seem to agree that the bedrooms were a little small.  My son had a good one all on his own but my daughter and I were a little squashed.  It was definitely a good value tent and I don’t think you know exactly what you want from a tent until you actually start camping.  Then, unfortunately you always want something a little different.  The biggest plus for me with this tent was that I could put it up on my own and there was room inside for me and the two children to lie on the floor and talk, read, draw, colour, tell stories and play games if it rained.


2 thoughts on “First tent

  1. Hi! You make camping in the rain with children sound cosy and fun. But I’m more wimpish – I like the sound of your camper van (on the About Me page) much better! My camping memories are with the Girl Guides when we made ‘gadgets’ such as bedding racks and washing up stands out of tree branches and broom handles tied together with string.

    • I did that too. Wash stands from bamboo sticks that got smaller as camp went on and your knots slipped. I remember all the tents leaking too and abandoning camp. That’s why I was a little reticent when I first started camping but now I love it.

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